Taking Out The Digital Garbage

maidYears ago I used to Google myself (did I really just use Google as a verb?) every couple of months.  In those days, before Facebook and LinkedIn, all the good newspaper articles with my name in them and business highlights would come up at the top of the list.  Now I Google myself about once a week, and find that the Social Media sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) and years of accumulated digital clutter have taken over the first page.  I don’t want to be defined by things like my local Homeowner’s Associate Newsletter just because it mentions my name 3 times and some search engine picked up the feed – that to me is DIGITAL GARBAGE.  Internet search engines go out and pick up every instance of my name, so what I get is a lot of stuff floating to the top that I don’t want seen first, if at all.  Have you Googled yourself recently?

Today’s digital attitude adjustment will be to figure out how to take out the digital garbage.  I want people to see the stuff I think is more important on top.  I am not sure how to go about this, but I will get back to you later and let you know what I have found.  There is a whole industry around this for businesses, but what about for simple, hard working stiffs like me?  Are there secrets for us regular people for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?  Controlling my personal information is important, but it seems almost impossible at times.

How do you take out your digital garbage?  Suggestions welcome. -Thanks

digitalattitudesmallSee you in the Cloud – Lorian

6 thoughts on “Taking Out The Digital Garbage

  1. I haven’t Googled myself in ages – I just did and 3 of the top 7 results were me … blog, linkedin & pinterest! I’m enjoying this blog too and it’s nice to put a face to your name – I think the only photo I’d seen of you was the one with Squash.

  2. At your prompting, I just googled myself (yep, there it is – a verb!). I was surprised to see my comments to others’ blogs in the first few results pages. In the past year or so, there’s a lot out there – I think because I started a few blogs and wrote a book. Of course, as someone who loves clean and organized things, I think It would be great to have a way of keeping things orderly!

    • Glad you are finding the hints and homework useful. The more ‘social’ you are, the more you will see of yourself on the searches, and the greater your digital eminence. You’ve definitely got the digital attitude.

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