The Digital Attitude: Becoming Eminent

Digital: I started the Digital Attitude blog when I was the Digital Social Project Management evangelist at IBM.  Between project management and social media consulting, speaking and teaching, I wanted a place to put my ideas down in writing and get feedback. Since I already was a successful pet blogger (DogDaz.com), with over 100K hits, a blog seemed like the right format for this effort.

Attitude:  The first thing most people notice about me is my attitude.  I am a smiling optimist. I believe that becoming eminent starts with learning how to ‘be yourself’ in business (and in life). This blog was a way to find my voice and authenticity in my writing. My attitude is a major part of my path to becoming eminent.

Becoming Eminent: Leveraging my digital attitude allows me to do my best work. I am an organizer, an innovator, a problem solver extraordinaire, who never settles for ‘good enough.’  I love to teach and mentor, and have a business passion for 2 things:  project management and everything digital.

I blog, I tumble, I tweet and I make order out of chaos, all while smiling.

Thanks for visiting.  Keep up the good attitude.


My Company Website: digitalattitudellc.com 
Email: thedigitalattitude@gmail.com
Personal LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/lorianlipton/
Personal Twitter: twitter.com/LorianL

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